Why Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

May 07, 2024 in Tips by

Have you ever been curious about why some businesses flourish online while others struggle to gain traction? Many of the thriving businesses’ success is directly related to how they handle digital marketing. In a time when a solid digital footprint is critical for gaining market relevance, more and more businesses are seeking the expertise of […]

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How to prepare for Google’s SGE: The Sky Isn’t Falling

April 19, 2024 in Strategy by

Soon, Google will roll out a new way of doing searches called “Search Generative Experience,” or SGE. This method is where Google will provide a ChatGPT-like answer to people’s queries, pushing the blue links of search even further down the page. In some cases, people won’t need to click the organic (or even paid) search […]

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What are the most competitive industries in Google?

March 07, 2024 in Strategy by

How long will it take for your SEO campaign to see results? Is SEO the best way to market your company? These are a couple of questions whose answers should consider the competitive nature of your industry.

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How Can Marketers Work Closer With the C-Suite to Grow Business?

December 08, 2023 in Strategy by

According to The State of the Marketing Operations Professional 2023 report from MarketingOps in partnership with Uptempo and Clearbit, marketers and their teams are starting to work more closely with the C-level executives at their organizations. They are becoming more involved in the planning and budget management process with company leadership as well as Revenue […]

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Why Does Your B2B Business Need Content Marketing?

November 08, 2023 in Strategy by

Content marketing involves using various formats, such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, infographics, podcasts, guides, webinars, etc., to provide value and relevance to viewers by addressing their needs, answering their questions, or offering informative and entertaining insights. But what does it do for your B2B business?

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Using Intent Data to Identify and Target the Right B2B Audience

September 11, 2023 in Tips by

In the ever-changing world of B2B marketing, businesses must look for ways to stay ahead of their competitors, which can be challenging. B2B customers are also evolving, becoming more advanced, spending more time researching before buying products and services, and increasingly responding to marketing campaigns that are personalized to their preferences.

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How do you find answers on the internet?

July 31, 2023 in Strategy by

If your business relies on search engine optimization to acquire new customers, you might be sweating when you hear about the shift toward AI. Will AI hurt your ability to receive new customers from search engines?

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How Do You Increase Lead Quality Through Nurturing?

May 11, 2023 in Tips by

In a new report from Ascend2 and Revsure, B2B marketers expressed their confidence level in boosting their lead-to-opportunity conversions. The report found that 44% of the respondents said they were extremely confident in their abilities to convert leads at the top of the funnel, 51% were extremely confident at the middle of the funnel, and […]

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Why Online Reviews Matter to Businesses

April 05, 2023 in Tips by

If you have ever read an online review to help you make a purchasing decision, then you know how important they are to consumers today. Which features of the review were most important to you? In a new survey from Chatmeter, 1,400 consumers answered that question.

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How to Reduce Rising B2B Marketing Costs per Lead

January 25, 2023 in Tips by

Acquiring new customers is an ongoing challenge for B2B marketers. There’s loads of competition, all marketing and selling similar products and services, limited channels, and budget restrictions that make B2B lead generation stressful, no matter what you’re selling. But leads are important. They are often the first step toward acquiring new customers. Unfortunately, the cost […]

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