There are a lot of buzz-words thrown around when people discuss marketing on the internet. Some of the phrases are used interchangeably. Some of these refer to specific services within the broader-scope of online marketing. As a provider of internet marketing services in Charlotte, NC, Reliable Acorn wants you to know exactly what you’re getting.

What is Digital Marketing?

Also known as internet marketing or online marketing, digital marketing is made up of two different areas.

Internet marketing covers both web marketing and mobile marketing, as well as when websites are accessed through mobile devices.

The Different Digital Marketing Services

There are several marketing services that are used within the scope of internet marketing.

So What Is “Content Marketing?”

Content Marketing is not so much a method of marketing but a strategy that might include certain methods and even extend outside of what you might normally think of internet marketing.

What’s the Connection Between Different Digital Marketing Services?

There is a lot of overlap between internet marketing services. Interesting things happen in these overlaps.

Can these digital marketing services help grow your business? Contact Reliable Acorn, in lovely Charlotte, NC, today and see.

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The Bottom Line

You need to reach people in your industry.

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