At Reliable Acorn, we know you want to reclaim time for what you do best- rather than digital marketing. To do that, you need reliable digital marketing services in Charlotte, NC. While you’d like to do it yourself, the problem is that you don’t have time to do it or know what to do next. That might make you feel overwhelmed. You already have too much to do, let alone keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing. We believe you deserve a partner you can rely on, a strategic marketing agency that can ensure you start with the right things to deliver reliable results. We understand you’re afraid of being disappointed by hiring the wrong partner. You don’t have to worry with Reliable Acorn – we have generated millions of visitors and billions in revenue for our clients.

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So, schedule a discovery call. In the meantime, let’s look at what you’re working with: get a free website audit. Then, you can stop being overwhelmed by your boss breathing down your neck. Instead, you can start getting more new customers from your website.

There are many buzzwords thrown around when people discuss marketing on the internet. Some people use these phrases interchangeably. Some of these refer to specific services within the broader scope of online marketing. As a provider of digital marketing solutions in Charlotte, NC, Reliable Acorn wants you to know what you’re getting.

The Different Digital Marketing Services

You can include several digital marketing efforts within the scope of digital marketing.

So What Is “Content Marketing?”

Content Marketing is not so much a method of marketing but a strategy that might include specific techniques and even extend outside of what you might typically think of as digital marketing.

What’s the Connection Between Different Digital Marketing Services?

There is much overlap between digital marketing tactics. Exciting things happen in these overlaps.

How does SEO relate to PPC?

SEO and PPC are two distinct marketing methods, but the inclusive name of search engine marketing (SEM) can summarize them. An SEM campaign can give your business several advantages that an SEO or PPC campaign alone cannot offer. What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

How does PPC relate to Display Advertising?

A particular type of PPC marketing, called “remarketing” or “retargeting,” overlaps with display marketing. Unlike display marketing, which typically charges on an impression basis, remarketing campaigns only charge you when someone clicks your ad.

How does SEO relate to Social Media Marketing?

Social media management and marketing overlap with SEO in several ways. For one, an SEO campaign can use social networks to promote its content and find new link-building opportunities. Second, social and search overlap regarding an online reputation management problem. Thirdly, some claim that social networks can improve a business’s SEO results.

How does Social Media Marketing relate to PPC?

Most social networks allow businesses to advertise on a pay-per-click model, which resembles a PPC campaign. This strategy is a “paid social” campaign.

How does Social Media relate to Display Advertising?

Most social networks allow businesses to market to their users on a cost-per-impression basis, resembling display marketing. Both are good ways to drive demand for a product or service.

How does all this relate to marketing automation?

Marketing automation is growing in popularity. It sounds like it will simply do your digital marketing for you. It’s not that easy, however. Significant work is needed to set up and maintain your marketing automation platform. In my experience, marketing automation does an excellent job of getting more out of your existing online marketing efforts – but does not generate new customers very well. Reliable Acorn recommends Active Campaign as a preferred platform but has also worked with Marketo and Hubspot.

What about inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a buzzword developed by the Hubspot platform. They used it to describe their unique services and strategies- and differentiate themselves from other marketing services. You don’t need to invest in an expensive platform like Hubspot to take advantage of the benefits of their platform. A well-developed digital marketing strategy can create an inbound marketing campaign using your website, SEM, email marketing, and a CRM.

Don’t I need to hire a full-service digital marketing agency to do all this?

You can choose many different digital marketing tactics for your company. The fact is, you don’t need a big agency to do all this. Instead, it’s better to start with a simple campaign and actively monitor what’s working and what’s not. Once you know what’s successful, you know where to focus your efforts.

Sure, you could try to do all these strategies simultaneously, but, in my experience, that leads to waste. It’s better to start smaller and grow into a campaign with what the data shows is working rather than try everything at once and end up wasting time and money to find out it’s not working.

Can you build a website for me?

Reliable Acorn does not provide web development as a service. However, we frequently work with web developers to ensure they build your website using the current best practices for SEO and marketing. We can also recommend several excellent web development and web design partners who can make you a beautiful – and, most importantly, effective – website. Contact us if you need a referral to a quality web development company.

Can Digital Marketing Campaigns help Offline Marketing efforts?

Several marketing methods can have effects outside of digital marketing (as seen by those that extend outside web and mobile marketing).

Measuring your results is the key to any successful marketing campaign (whether digital or offline).

How does Reliable Acorn differ from other top digital marketing agencies in Charlotte?

Reliable Acorn is a small digital marketing agency that takes a small number of clients at a time. This limited size has several advantages for you as a customer.

  1. You get direct access to me (David Zimmerman) for all your digital marketing strategies. That’s nearly 15 years of experience developing your digital strategy.
  2. We only work with clients that we know we can help. How do we know we’re helping, or not…
  3. We measure all our efforts and focus on your ROI. These analytics and reporting help you identify what’s working and what’s not. It also helps us identify additional marketing opportunities to bring you more leads and customers.

Clients tend to stay with Reliable Acorn for several years. That should tell you about the results we get for them. You might also be interested in a case study from a successful client.

Can these digital marketing services help grow your business? Would you like to work with one of the best digital marketing agencies in the Carolinas? Contact Reliable Acorn today and see.

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