Reliable Acorn knows you want to reclaim time for what you do best- rather than spend it on Google Ads. To do that, you need a PPC agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. You don’t have time to manage a PPC campaign or know how to optimize it fully. Maybe you feel overwhelmed- you already have too much to do, let alone keep up with the latest changes in Google Ads. We believe you deserve a partner you can rely on for your digital marketing needs: someone who can ensure you start with the right things to deliver results. We understand you’re afraid of being disappointed. You can trust our experience: we have generated millions of visitors and billions in revenue for clients.

Here’s how you get started: 1. Schedule a discovery call. 2. Tell us about your company so we can develop effective PPC campaigns. 3. You get more leads from your website.

So, schedule a discovery call today. Meanwhile, let’s look at what you’re working with: get a free website audit. Then, you can stop being overwhelmed by your boss breathing down your neck and instead get more customers from your website thanks to an effective PPC campaign.

Why choose PPC marketing for your business?

A great place to start a digital marketing campaign is with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google. There are several advantages to beginning with PPC:

  1. PPC campaigns generate results quickly. Other forms of search marketing take a while to ramp up, but not paid search- you’ll begin to see new leads and sales in short order.
  2. It helps you find how your customers are looking for your products or services on search engines. You might think your customers are looking for your business using specific terms- PPC will quickly show if those phrases are correct and help find new words that you might not have considered. You can do separate keyword research to determine this, but paid search can help you identify the right keywords quickly. Later, you might even want to expand into an organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to get those customers for free.
  3. See how much you could potentially gain from online marketing. Is web marketing right for your business? The benchmark data gained from PPC campaigns will help you know.
  4. Identify marketing language and unique selling propositions to which your customers respond. Part of Reliable Acorn’s PPC services is to find the messages to which your customers will best respond.

Although we work with clients throughout the United States, Reliable Acorn is a Charlotte PPC agency. We work with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), and even paid social media marketing like Facebook or LinkedIn Ads. 

Why aren’t we a Certified Google Partner? Because that is not in your best interest.

What do our PPC services include?

We want to see your business grow. That’s why our PPC ad services include much more than optimizing your ad campaigns.

How much does a Charlotte PPC agency cost?

The short answer: less than you’re making from the PPC ads. One of the advantages of paid search ads is that we immediately know how much we paid (not only for a click but for a lead or sale). If we know that, we can easily calculate how much it costs to bring in that money. With this information, we can always ensure we’re spending less on our marketing than we’re making on our products.

When paying for PPC services, ensure you know how much you’re paying for ads vs. how much you’re paying for the service. Make sure you’re billed for your ads directly from your ad platform (Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, for instance) and your agency separately. If a PPC agency lumps your ad spend with its management fee, it could be taking advantage of you. If that’s what your bill looks like, you might not know how much you’re spending on ads, and it could be going to the agency.

Reliable Acorn, like other credible PPC agencies in Charlotte, NC, charges a percentage of the ad spend to cover the time and expenses of PPC management services. This practice is because the more you spend with ads, the more things need to be done to ensure your ad spend is more effective. There is a minimum management fee- for small business owners with smaller accounts. This fee is necessary because there’s minimal work needed to provide PPC services.

Contact us today for a specific quote for PPC management services or our other digital marketing strategies for your company.

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