Your customers are looking for you. Can they find you? If not, you need to hire a Charlotte SEO company like Reliable Acorn.

Can search engine optimization help my company?

Search engine optimization is best for companies with products or services in demand. Your customers should already know your products and services exist. They must be looking for you if you want them to find you on Google. If not, you should consider a different form of advertising, such as social media.

Search engine optimization is not a good fit for companies that need results fast. It is best for companies that have the time to invest in long-term gains. If you need an immediate increase in results, you should consider a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

If this isn’t the internet marketing channel for you, what are your other options?

How do SEO companies work?

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Some Charlotte SEOs approach SEO like a commodity. They might talk about hours, links, pages, words, or even points. These things might tell you all they’re doing, but are they doing the right things to grow your business? However, data like this focus on the process more than the results.

The top Charlotte SEO experts take the time to learn about your business and industry. From that, they create a successful and custom marketing strategy just for you. As a consultant, Reliable Acorn works well with companies with a marketing team that needs guidance with SEO. While SEO consultants might be a team of one, their small size lets them provide you with the best advice.

Some SEO consultants, like Reliable Acorn, also provide SEO services. With Reliable Acorn, your account manager is also your consultant- and you have direct access to them. Reliable Acorn gives you the best of both worlds: you get the services you need and a digital marketing consultant at the same time.

What to look for in an SEO Company

Here’s how Google suggests you hire the right SEO– focusing on long-term gains rather than the flash-in-the-pan SEO with a “secret sauce.”

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How to Find a Good SEO Company

Shouldn’t you go with whomever ranks number one on Google? That might sound like a good idea but remember: some SEO tactics can get a website kicked off of Google. Some fly-by-night SEO companies set up a website and then cheat to get to the top of Google. When Google catches them, they delete their website and start with a new one.

Do you want an SEO company that does that to your website?

Instead, I’d recommend you take the time to find a good SEO company. Here are some great questions to ask:

How do you measure success in an SEO campaign? Measurement is key. You want a successful campaign, don’t you? Take time to ensure your SEO company aims for the same goal you are. Be warry about measuring SEO in terms of “rank” alone. You can rank for almost anything but never get any more customers. Make sure they consider an SEO campaign a success based on the number of customers or sales you get from your efforts.

Have you ever worked in my industry? While some SEO tactics work no matter what industry you’re in, you want to make sure your SEO company understands your business. It is vital if you’re a B2B company. Some SEO companies only work with consumer-focused companies and don’t have what it takes to reach other businesses.

Will you work with my competitors at the same time? If you work with an SEO company, you need to ensure exclusive access to your market. You don’t want your SEO company working to promote your business and your competitor simultaneously. If an SEO company focuses exclusively on one industry, this can be a challenge. If so, will they decide to work on your business or your competitors?

Can I speak with an existing client? References are key. You don’t just look at their online reviews- they might only show you the good side. Ask if you can speak with someone currently working with your prospective SEO company. Ask the reference some hard questions, too.

What do SEO agencies do?

Sometimes people think that search engine optimization is a destination. No, it’s a journey. Here’s a look into our proven strategy that’s helped many clients become successful.

The journey starts with making sure you can measure the results of your campaign. To measure success, you need to determine what your Charlotte business hopes to get from the campaign. Don’t just think about your rankings. You want more than organic traffic, too. Your website needs to drive leads and sales. Of course, you have to measure this, which is why web analytics is essential to any SEO campaign (or any internet marketing effort, for that matter).

The second step is determining if your developer set up your website correctly. Is your website mobile-friendly? Even the best web developers overlook things that the search engines think are important. Part of Reliable Acorn’s work is to make sure your website is accessible to the search engines- what some people call technical SEO. You can think of us as advocates for Google.

Now it’s time to improve your website’s content. Search engines, after all, are just computer programs. They need words to understand your web pages. What words should you use? How does your customer look for you? The process of discovering this is known as keyword research. It will help you understand how you should focus your SEO strategy.

Now it’s time to improve your website’s content. Search engines, after all, are just computer programs. They need words to understand your web pages. What words should you use? How does your customer look for you? The process of discovering this is known as keyword research. It will help you understand how you should focus your SEO strategy.

There’s more to consider, too. Good web design and development can help. Running a concurrent pay per click (PPC) campaign can help, too. Don’t forget a local search strategy? SEO is constantly changing- you need a consultant who is keeping up with what’s new. That’s what we do.

How much does it cost to hire a Charlotte SEO agency?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Charlotte SEO Agency?

It takes money to make money. While comparing costs among Charlotte SEO services, focus on the revenue you could make with a successful SEO strategy. Don’t be tempted to evaluate your SEO efforts only by ranking. You need to measure your digital marketing efforts to help with lead generation and revenue for your company. SEO isn’t a cost if you do that- it’s a way to make money.

While SEO traffic is free, it costs money to do an SEO campaign. The costs are more than just paying your SEO expert. Many expenses go into SEO services, including:

I know there are some cheap SEO companies in Charlotte that you could choose. Be wary of these. Effective search engine optimization takes time and money. You get what you pay for!

Is hiring an SEO company worth it?

With all the potential pitfalls of lousy SEO, perhaps it’s simply better to do search engine optimization yourself or hire someone internally to do your SEO for your company.

There are several advantages to hiring your own (internal) SEO team. For one, they will specialize in your company and your industry, making content generation easier. Another advantage could be an intimate familiarity with your website, making technical SEO easier, too.

However, hiring an SEO team isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes, when internal SEO teams focus so much on your business, they aren’t keeping up with the latest trends in SEO. That means they might be using outdated SEO tactics. Google ignores outdated SEO tactics- at best. On the other hand, SEO companies that work with multiple clients are constantly learning from their other clients’ efforts and can apply those lessons to your business, as well.

How to tell if your SEO company is working

SEO should lead to more sales leads or sales of your product. You know your SEO agency is working if you’re making more from your SEO campaign than you’re spending on it.

Don’t be distracted by vanity metrics like “rank” or traffic to your website. While we need those to get to the point where we can get more leads or sales- SEO doesn’t end with rank. That’s just the beginning.

What makes a good SEO company?

When hiring a Charlotte SEO agency, look for experience rather than certifications. There are no credible organizations that provide an “SEO certification.” Instead, look for experience. The ones that deliver more value stick around. Over time, ineffective SEOs go out of business (or get their website banned by Google).

Sometimes a digital marketing agency might qualify as a Google Partner. Do you understand what that means? First of all, this relates to Paid Search using Google ads. It has nothing to do with organic search efforts. Second, understand that to qualify for Google Partner status, you have to be up-selling your clients with additional ad spent. In this way, Google Search Ads certification isn’t as valuable as it once was– and was never relevant to organic search efforts (although I still earn my Google Search Ads certification every year).

However, several certifications can help someone be a better SEO. For instance, look for someone with a Google Analytics IQ certification. They will understand how to measure your digital marketing efforts accurately- whether SEO or from other channels.

If you need an SEO company in Charlotte to help your company, call or contact us today. Not sure yet? Perhaps you need to start with a comprehensive SEO audit or a free audit.

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