You are already busy enough. You need to get time back for what you do best- rather than spend it on that email marketing message. It would help if you had an email marketer in Charlotte, NC. The problem is that you don’t have time to do it or know what to say, making you feel overwhelmed and already have too much to do. You might even be embarrassed because you feel like a spammer as you send uninteresting emails to your list. However, we believe you deserve a partner upon whom you can rely; someone interested in your company’s success. We know you’re afraid of being disappointed, so email marketing is part of the efforts that helped generate billions in revenue for our clients.

Here’s how you do it: 1. Schedule a discovery call. 2. Tell us about your company, and we will develop an effective email marketing strategy. 3. Develop your email content and send it to your audience to increase your sales and leads

So, schedule your discovery call. And in the meantime, let’s look at what you’re working with: get a free website audit. So you can stop being overwhelmed; the boss is still breathing down your neck, and instead, you get back to what you do best because you let us take over what we do best: your email campaign.

Will email marketing help you connect with your customers? Here are some reasons why email marketers recommend it for most businesses- whether you’re in Charlotte or anywhere in the world.

Email Marketing Converts at High Rates

Reliable Acorn is a big believer in the power of search marketing. However, email marketing is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to see a business grow. After all, email marketing campaigns convert at a higher rate than almost any other digital marketing effort. This high conversion rate makes sense: if they’ve agreed to be part of your email list, they invite you to market to them. Need new customers? It would help if you had an active email marketing campaign.

Some more advanced features of email marketing will help you connect with your customers in a timely fashion. Did your clients leave something in their shopping cart without buying it? Send them a reminder! Has a customer not been back in a while? Send them a coupon for a discount to get them interested again! Is it almost time for your peak season? Remind them that you worked with them last year- and have new services this year. Email marketing is not just about sending more emails- it’s about sending messages on time.

Email Marketing Has a Broad Reach

Almost everyone has an email address. From the least technologically savvy grandmother to the busiest CEO- they all have emails. You can reach them through an email marketing campaign, regardless of who they are or in what industry your customers find themselves in.

Email Marketing is Easy to Share

No matter what product you sell, it’s easier if a friend recommends you. No matter your service, closing the deal is easier if a colleague suggests it. Emails are great ways to get recommendations from customers. This phenomenon means an email campaign can have far-reaching access beyond your email list. It also explains why more people become customers than other marketing channels.

Email Marketing Works Well with Customers

Every business knows it’s easier to keep a client than get a new one. Email marketing can help with customer retention. It can also upsell existing services. The fact is: that customers are likely to open an email from you. That gives your company an advantage over marketing efforts competing for your customer’s attention.

Email marketing is not a great lead generation tool. By that, we mean that sending an email will not likely create a customer if someone has never heard about you before. Rather than buy an email list from some nefarious corner of the internet (or off that conference you just attended), creating your email marketing list is always more effective. If you take the time to build your list, it will be full of people who are already interested in what you offer and ready to buy from you. How can you create a list like that? That’s where email marketing works well with other digital marketing services.

Email Marketing Works Well with Other Digital Marketing Channels

Not everyone who finds you in search is ready to become a customer. Email can help get more from people who are higher in the sales funnel. Social media marketing is excellent for building demand and getting people interested, but email builds true loyalty. Rather than consider each of your marketing efforts distinct, it’s essential to have a strategy across all your channels to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with customers. Use these channels to build your email list.

Content marketing is another great partner for an email marketing campaign. You’re taking time in content creation to write new and exciting articles for your customers to solve their business needs- why not share them with your email list? You don’t have time for content creation either? We can help with that, too.

As a full-service marketing agency in Charlotte (serving clients nationwide), Reliable Acorn can develop a marketing strategy that connects all your digital marketing efforts for maximum efficiency and benefit- whether you are trying to increase sales or lead generation.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Search marketing campaigns are great at introducing new people to your business. These channels can get expensive. PPC is only effective so far as you keep spending money. Search engine optimization takes time to ramp up and can take time before you see a return on your investment. Social media marketing seems hip, but everyone participating in a social network needs an email address to sign up (besides, each of these networks uses email marketing to reach their customers, too).

Email marketing, however, is inexpensive. Although you may have to pay per email, the upfront cost of developing an email is the same, no matter the size of your list. This payment method makes email marketing cheaper on a person-by-person basis.

That email marketing is cost-effective means it’s an excellent idea for small businesses. However, as anyone’s inbox will show, large companies benefit significantly from email marketing, as well.

With Which Email Marketing Services Do We Work?

Reliable Acorn is platform agnostic. We’ll work with whatever email marketing platform you’re currently using. However, we do recommend several email marketing services (depending on your needs):

Contact the email marketing agency Reliable Acorn in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a free consultation, and we’ll show you how to begin.

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