David Zimmerman is in demand as an SEO speaker. Although based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he has spoken at private events and conferences throughout the United States and Europe.

What are some of his topics as a marketing speaker?

David enjoys speaking about SEO (which will come through in his presentation), but he can talk about many different trends within digital marketing. Some of the topics about which David has spoken about as a marketing speaker include:

Here are some of the places at which David has spoken about SEO and marketing:

Some of David’s WordCamp presentations are available on WordPress.tv.

Why you should hire David as a marketing speaker

He has been working in online marketing for over a decade. Over that time, David has earned many industry-respected certifications that affirm his expertise in the topic. His love for SEO and marketing comes through with each presentation. You’ll enjoy his self-deprecating humor and his ability to adjust his subject as he discovers his audience. 

David has a formal education in public speaking. He graduated with Departmental Honors from the University of Kansas with a degree in Communication Studies. Since then, he has used his skills to communicate with audiences- even outside the marketing world.

Do you need a keynote speaker on digital marketing? 

David can be a keynote speaker on digital marketing at your next event. One of his most popular topics is “The most important thing you’re not telling your clients.” In this, he speaks about the value of saying “no” to clients and why this not only helps you provide better marketing to your clients but helps your clients with better marketing results.

How much does it cost to hire an online marketing speaker? 

There are many factors behind the cost of hiring David as a marketing speaker. These factors include:

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