I know that you need to get back to the other details of your event. To do that, you first need to hire an entertaining digital marketing speaker. Planning an event can be overwhelming! Your to-do list is long, and one of the most critical items is hiring someone to speak to your group. I’m sure you’re afraid of hiring a boring speaker or someone who sells their services. However, I believe you deserve a speaker who is passionate about marketing. I understand you’re afraid of disappointing your attendees. Don’t worry. I frequently speak at local, nationwide, and even international events.

Here’s how you get started: 1. Schedule a discovery call to talk with me. 2. Tell me about your event, and I’ll provide you with several options. 3. I give your audience an entertaining, informative, and actionable presentation.

So, let’s get to know each other- schedule a discovery call. Meanwhile, please look at my other speaking engagements on WordPress TV or YouTube. Then you can avoid hiring a boring speaker- who only has a sales pitch- and get back to the rest of the planning you need to check off your list.

What are some of your topics as a marketing speaker?

I enjoy speaking about search engine optimization (which will come through in my presentation), but I can talk about many different trends and tactics within digital marketing. Some of the topics about which I’ve spoken as a marketing speaker include:

Here are some examples of my extensive experience as a public speaker about search and digital marketing:

Some of David’s presentations are available on WordPress.tv or YouTube.

Why should I hire you as a digital marketing speaker from Charlotte, North Carolina?

I have been working in online marketing for over fourteen years. Over that time, David has earned many industry-respected certifications that confirm my expertise in the topic. My love for SEO and digital marketing comes through in each presentation. You’ll enjoy my self-deprecating humor and ability to adjust his subject as he discovers his audience. 

I have a formal education in public speaking. I graduated with Departmental Honors from the University of Kansas with a degree in Communication Studies. Since then, I have used my skills to communicate with audiences- even outside the marketing world. Just look at my LinkedIn profile, and you’ll see what I mean.

Will you travel to speak at our location? 

Although based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I have spoken at private events and conferences throughout the United States and Europe. I would also be happy to travel to your event.

To which audiences have you been a public speaker?

I’ve spoken publicly for audiences ranging from small businesses to business leaders. Whether they’re nonprofit organizations or looking for lead generation, I can adapt my topics for the needs of your audience.

Will you speak at hybrid events or online conferences?

Over the last few years, most of my public speaking has been online. I have the technology and experience to ensure good audio quality and a high-resolution picture for your online or hybrid event.

Do you need a keynote speaker on digital marketing? 

I can be a keynote speaker on digital marketing at your next event. One of my favorite topics is “The most important thing you’re not telling your clients.” In this, I speak about the value of saying “no” to clients and why this not only helps you provide better marketing to your clients but helps your clients with better marketing results.

How much does it cost to hire you as a public speaker? 

There are many factors behind the cost of hiring me as a marketing speaker. These factors include:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a specific quote for your event.

Harvard Business Club of Charlotte MDP

David Zimmerman participated in the Management Development Program by the Harvard Business Club of Charlotte in 2018.

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