There are several third-party services that provide metrics you can use to measure the value of a web page. Which one you choose depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Limited toTrafficQuality
Moz Domain Authority
Domain and PageN/AMozRank, MozTrust
Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow
Google PageRank
PageN/AMoz Page Authority

Traffic estimates are good for:

Why are third-party traffic measurement totals limited by domain? Because it’s hard to predict how much traffic any particular page might receive on which your PR piece or ad might appear.

Web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) can tell you how much traffic a particular page is getting. That’s not what these tools (above) provide. These measure pages from the outside, using these third party tools. That means any traffic metrics are estimated based upon sample sites. Since these are estimates, you should use these metrics to compare websites against each other- rather than as an expectation for how much traffic you might actually get, from these sites.

Quality estimates are good for:

Of course, quality websites tend to get a lot of traffic but these tools are measuring quality regardless of traffic. If you think about it: you could rank in the search engines for something nobody is searching for- this is quality without traffic.

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