Google has stopped making PageRank available to the public. Any PageRank data you see is out dated and (therefore) not reliable. Instead, you should consider using another web metric to compare web pages.

Google PageRank is a calculation used by Google to rank websites and their pages for their search engine organic results. It primarily measures links and their affects and can be applied to either a web page or a domain. PageRank follows a exponential scale from 0 to 10.

Sometimes PageRank is confused with “rank” within the search engine results. These are two different things. PageRank is a value reflecting the value of a page. Just because you have a higher PageRank doesn’t mean you’ll always rank at the top of the search results page. Search ranking is a function of a specific query given to Google. PageRank is a value associated with a page.

For example, a particular page might have a PageRank of 3. However, you might be able to find that page using several different queries: “widgets”, “blue widgets”, “long blue widgets”, or “long blue widgets LBW-12/3”. The more specific phrases (“long blue widgets” or “long blue widgets LBW-12/3” might find themselves ranking very high in the search results. This is because they might be the only page on the internet (or one of very few) about this specific topic. There might not be much competition. That means, this page might be the best result for this query. On the other hand, a more general query (such as “widgets” or “blue widgets”) might have more competition with other pages. These might not rank as well even though all queries end at the same page- with a PageRank of 3.

How does Google PageRank compare with other web metrics?

Without access to PageRank, you should use a different metric to evaluate the value of a page. Here are some options for you to consider. They each measure something a little different, so some might be helpful to you in certain circumstances but not in others.

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