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Some online marketing channels work well together. When you combine your efforts, you’ll find you’ll get a little more out of each. Time and money are always limited. Build some efficiency in your marketing efforts by combining efforts.

No matter the size of your company, you need efficiency in your marketing.

For small companies, with small budgets and staff, you need to get more out of your marketing efforts. If you combine some of your marketing channels, you can get more from each.

Of course, large companies have limits too. They also want to get more from their efforts. Unfortunately larger companies often have additional problems. They divide up their marketing departments into different groups: often one for each channel. This can lead to a siloing where one team doesn’t know what the other is doing. This is worse when these departments are competing over the same budget or development time. Instead, if the teams worked together, they could get more out of each of their channels.

Here are some suggestions on using different channels to help each other out.

SEO and Social work well together

Both of these channels need content. When producing a new article for your SEO campaign, promote it over social media. This will help promote your content. It will also increase your chance of other websites linking to yours.

Speaking of links, you can use social media to connect with relevant websites in your industry. With a little effort, these relationships can become great link building opportunities.

No, I don’t believe that social affects SEO.

Search Marketing and Display work well together

Whether you’re doing SEO or PPC, a Display campaign can help.

People don’t always click on the first listing of a search result. Most people browse the results and click on the best one. What makes something the “best”? Familiarity is part of this. That’s something you can create with a Display campaign.

Another way to use a Display campaign is through remarketing. This is where you only serve ads to people who have already visited your website. Remarketing is a great way to get a little more out of every marketing campaign. Did someone visit your site but not contact you? Invite them back with a remarketing campaign.

PPC and Social work well together

When you’re paying for someone to visit your site, you need to make sure they convert. Sometimes customers don’t want to convert right away. If not, encourage them to follow you on social media as a soft-lead. That will keep them in your influence until they’re ready to become a customer.

SEO and PPC work well together

There are several studies about this relationship. Paying for PPC ads does not directly help your SEO campaign. It can make your SEO campaign more effective. When you run both SEO and PPC you give a customer two chances to see you. This makes them more likely to click in your organic search listing. Your company seems more familiar to them even if they don’t consciously remember your ad.

PPC can also help your SEO campaign by proving that a keyword produces a conversion. If you know what converts, from your PPC campaign, put your SEO efforts into that topic to get that traffic for free. It will also save you time in your SEO campaign. If you invest in an SEO landing page that doesn’t produce results, it’s wasted time. Test your keywords in PPC before building your SEO efforts around the same topic.

Display and Social work well together

The hardest part of any Social Media campaign is getting relevant followers. Many social platforms allow you to display ads on their network. This is a great way to get those first followers.

Don’t forget about remarketing. That can help you get more out of your social efforts, too.

Email works well with everyone

I wish every client had an Email campaign. These make great soft leads, from every marketing channel. In other words, what if a secondary goal from every marketing channel was to get an email signup? That would make each channel more valuable and improve the reach of the email campaign.

Focus is Key

If these channels work well together- do all the things! I wouldn’t recommend that. It’s better to do a couple things well than try everything. Pick a channel that works (which assumes you can measure the results) and then combine that with another channel, to see if you can get more from it.

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