Gain Confidence in Your Marketing

You need to know if your marketing is effective. However- with all the ways to measure a website- you’re not sure if you can tell.

With this Google Data Studio template from Reliable Acorn, you can setup a clear and simple report that shows you what’s working (or what needs improvement). You can even keep track of your progress by automatically sending this to yourself each month.

At Reliable Acorn, we know that you want to be better informed about what your marketing is accomplishing. To do that, you need a clear understanding of your website’s analytics. You need to justify your marketing dollars and time to show your spending them most effectively. However, you might be overwhelmed with all the confusing metrics with which you could measure your website. We believe people should be able to easily tell if their marketing campaigns are working- or not. We understand it’s easy to get distracted by all the numbers, so we’ve taken what we’ve learned from the Google Analytics IQ certification and put it into a simple report for you.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Send us some basic information about your website.
  2. We will send you directions on how to setup a simple, clear Google Data Studio report
  3. You connect your Google Analytics account with the report and schedule it to send to you once a month.

So, let’s get started. Then you can stop wasting time and money on marketing that is not helping grow your business. Instead, you will know where better to spend your marketing dollars (and time) to get an even better ROI on your efforts.